What Makes Us Different?

Strategic Medicine

We integrate Functional and Regenerative medicine to find the root cause of your illness and treat the person not the symptoms. We achieve this through the following:
Functional Assessment

Functional medicine offers a whole new way to understand and look at chronic illness and disease. Most chronic illness is due to inflammation and subtle imbalances in the key physiological systems in your body. When blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, hormonal problems, and systemic inflammation occurs, the body spirals out of balance.


Functional Diagnostic Testing

We use the latest advancements in diagnostic testing and analysis to uncover underlying dysfunctions that may be having a dramatic impact on your health.

• Functional Gastrointestinal
• Hormonal & Adrenal Function
• Genetic Analysis
• Thyroid Physiology Testing
• Micronutrient Deficiencies
• Food Allergy Testing
• and others…

Nutritional Support

Once we identify the root cause of your issue through functional testing and assessment, we customize a nutritional program tailored to your unique physiology, including a customized diet plan and natural supplements & nutraceuticals that are critical to address nutrient deficiencies and specific to your condition.


Once we uncover the root cause of your illness, we offer a wide range of cutting edge regenerative therapies to heal the body including:

How can we help you? What are your goals?