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Our patients receive a personalized treatment plan based on their unique thyroid physiology.

We help patients recover from the cellular dysfunction impacting their chronic thyroid symptoms and quality of life


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Our Strategic Functional Medicine practice is one of the most unique in the entire country.

We start by getting to the basics of what causes health challenges including the primary stressors: Physical, Chemical, Emotional, and Microbial. At Rejuvagen, treatments are personalized based on the patient’s unique individual biological needs. Through advanced therapies and functional testing not offered in the traditional medical model, we can identify when the body is not functioning correctly and potentially address the problems before disease is even identified.


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Olga’s Story

After seeing few different doctors in a one year of what seemed like eternity, going through different detoxes, flushes, pills, being somewhat may be diagnosed, yet getting worse.. I finally found Dr. Balcavage. During our introductory meeting I was supposed to write down 5 things that I wanted him to help me with… those were 5 symptoms that lowered my quality of life, 5 symptoms that other doctors disregarded or told me I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. 4 months later, he did it! He fixed me! Finally, for the first time in very many years, I have no complaints!


Devon’s Story

My initial reason for consulting Dr. Balcavage was for hair loss. I was also having stomach/digestive problems and I was getting sick on a regular basis needing antibiotics regularly. The care that I received at Dr. Balcavage’s office improved my primary complaints as well as my overall health. As long as I take the current supplements recommend by Dr. Balcavage, my hair is no longer falling out. Following Dr. Balcavage’s diet and health recommendations has eliminated my stomach and digestive issues and I have not gotten sick or needed antibiotics. I would recommend Dr. Balcavage’s office to others. He has improved my quality of life exponentially!  In my experience, if you put the work in following Dr. Balcavage’s instructions you will feel better!


Brad’s Story

"The symptoms of my diabetic neuropathy have diminished!"

Brad came to our office seeking help from the sensory loss he was experiencing in his feet and legs from diabetic neuropathy. After a 12 week Peripheral Neuropathy program, Brad has re-gained 80% of the sensory nerve loss he was experiencing and most of the symptoms he was experiencing have diminished.

Dr. Eric Balcavage DC, CNS, BCIM, CFMP

Dr. Eric Balcavage

Dr. Eric Balcavage is widely recognized around the world as a leader in Functional Medicine and Thyroid Physiology.

In over 20 years of practice, he has successfully helped thousands of people suffering with chronic health conditions.

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