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A Low TSH is NOT Always Optimal – Rejuvagen Center

A low TSH is not always optimal. This post may ruffle some feathers, but the message is important.

I see people make posts like TSH should be < 2.0 to be optimal, but that is not always the case. And, a TSH below 2.0 may definitely not rule out a thyroid condition.

When someone makes a comment like your “TSH should be less than 2.0 for optimal health” without qualifying the statement it really irritates me and it should irritate you too.

There are many reasons you could have chronic hypothyroid symptoms, cellular hypothyroidism, autoimmunity, and thyroid gland destruction with a TSH below 2.0.

TSH should NOT be used on it’s own to evaluate thyroid physiology. If TSH can be suppressed by the most common condition we have in this country (chronic low grade inflammation) how can we consider it a valid test of thyroid physiology on it’s own.

There are times when it IS optimal for TSH to be greater than 2.0.

If your are struggling with hypothyroid symptoms and have a TSH below 2.0, how can 2.0 possibly be optimal?

If you have been diagnosed, put on thyroid medication, your TSH is below 2.0 (or below 1.0), and you have persistent hypothyroid symptoms and don’t feel well; how could a TSH below 2.0 represent OPTIMAL???

In context of no symptoms, no thyroid disease, no health conditions, no stress, and a comprehensive metabolic panel, yes a TSH may represent optimal thyroid physiology. MAYBE!

But without taking your health history, your symptoms, a comprehensive metabolic and thyroid panel into consideration, a TSH below 2.0 has little or no value. It may or may not be optimal for YOU!

Many people come to me after being told by allopathic and functional medicine doctors that because they have a TSH that is within lab range or below lab range they can’t have a problem with their thyroid physiology.

That is just flat out WRONG!

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