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About Our Center – Rejuvagen – Functional and Regenerative Medicine

Our mission is to help our clients move forward and optimize their health using the most advanced regenerative therapies available today. Our office specializes in helping people with chronic health challenges, chronic pain and inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. The practice was founded by Dr. Eric Balcavage in 1996 and has evolved into a premier health center with a focus on Functional and Regenerative Medicine. Over the past 20+ years, we have continued to grow into a team of compassionate, pioneering providers utilizing advanced therapies and technologies to empower our clients to heal, treat the root cause of disease and reduce pain instead of masking symptoms with medications. We blend the best of Functional and Regenerative Medicine to help our clients reduce their symptoms, improve their function, regain their health, and maximize their quality of life.

What Makes Us Different?

We integrate Functional & Regenerative Medicine to find the root cause of your illness. We treat the person not the symptoms. Our patients receive an individualized treatment plan that is specifically designed to address the personal triggers and lifestyle factors that may be influencing their symptoms, pain and chronic health challenges. Our focus is on you, not your diagnosis. We start by getting to the basics of what causes health challenges including the primary stressors: Physical, Chemical, Emotional, and Microbial. Functional medicine implements testing above and beyond what standard laboratory tests can offer. These advanced tests help us understand your unique physiology and help us identify when the body is not functioning correctly. At Rejuvagen, treatment plans are personalized and based on the patient’s unique individual biological needs.

Our Commitment to you

At Rejuvagen, we strive to fully understand the concerns and needs of our patients. We work closely with you to ensure your health and quality of life is restored. We focus on the underlying causes of disease by focusing on the patient as a whole rather than  treating isolated sets of symptoms. We take the time to listen to each patient and strive to influence long-term health and well-being. Your health is our top priority!

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