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Many patients who come to Rejuvagen struggling with chronic hypothyroid symptoms also have a history of gallbladder dysfunction, gallstones, or have already had their gallbladder removed via a procedure called cholecystectomy. There is a strong correlation between bile physiology, cellular thyroid allostasis and cellular hypothyroidism.

Proper bile quality, quantity, flow, and release is critical to detoxification, absorption of fat- and fat-soluble vitamins, microbial control of the G.I. tract, the maintenance of the tight intestinal cell junctions (Leaky Gut Syndrome), and hormone signaling in the body.

Cellular hypothyroidism can cause bile and gallbladder dysfunction via multiple mechanisms.  Foremost, cellular hypothyroidism typically results in elevated cholesterol levels or Hypercholesterolemia. According to research, approximately 90% of hypothyroid patients have elevated cholesterol. In turn, elevated cholesterol results in super-saturation of your bile, making it thick, sluggish and slow moving. Cellular hypothyroidism can also result in the reduced ability of your liver cells to release bile into your bile ducts. It can also reduce bile flow from the bile ducts into the GI tract. Too much or too little bile resorption in the GI tract can impact cellular levels of T3.

How do you know if you have a bile problem?

Common Signs & Symptoms:

  • Loose or floating stool
  • Pale or chalky colored stool
  • Gas and bloating after fatty meals
  • Nausea after fatty meals
  • Mid – or – Upper right abdominal pain after eating
  • Pain in upper right back
  • You have already been diagnosed with gallstones or biliary insufficiency

While, there may be several triggers for impaired bile physiology and GI dysfunction, thyroid physiology plays a key role. A healthy gut is essential for optimal cellular thyroid physiology. Likewise, healthy thyroid physiology is also essential to maintain proper bile physiology and a healthy gut. To restore a healthy thyroid-gut connection, both systems must be addressed simultaneously.

If you are struggling with GI symptoms and think you may have impaired bile physiology, Rejuvagen can help. We take a strategic approach to identifying the underlying cause of your GI distress, including a full review of your thyroid physiology. Through comprehensive metabolic lab work and functional stool analysis, we have the ability to uncover signs of imbalance within the systems of the body, often overlooked by traditional medical practices.

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