Feel like your thyroid medication isn’t working? Find out why.

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Thyroid Thursday

What to Do If You’ve Had Your Thyroid Gland Removed

In this video, I’m addressing what to do when you no longer have a thyroid gland and can’t find a dose of medication that helps you feel well. This is for anyone who’s had a thyroidectomy, or even anyone who’s been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is on medication but is still struggling to find the “magic” dose.

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Why Is My T3 Low?

Here are four reasons I’ve identified why your T3/fT3 levels might be low despite taking thyroid medication (and why taking more T3 won’t help).

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Can Adding T3 Cause Weight Gain?

This patient started gaining weight after adding T3 to their T-4-only medication strategy. Could the T3 be the culprit? The answer might be surprising, given what we think we know about T3…

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