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Cellular Hypothyroidism: The Undiagnosed Epidemic – Rejuvagen Center

Cellular hypothyroidism is the undiagnosed epidemic of our time. It is my opinion, and the opinion of my co-author Dr Kelly Halderman, that cellular or tissue hypothyroidism is resulting in the signs, symptoms, and disorders so many people struggle with. We discuss cellular hypothyroidism in our soon to be released book, Thyroid Debacle.

The challenge is that it is a hidden disorder. Since we don’t have tests to measure thyroid hormone within the cells directly, we need to look at proxies for cellular hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately, when your doctors evaluate thyroid physiology with only a “TSH with reflex to fT4” test, they are not utilizing thyroid tests that could provide insight to a state a cellular hypothyroidism.
What gets measured gets managed. Therefore if tests to look for cellular hypothyroidism are not run, cellular hypothyroidism will never be detected. It becomes a hidden disorder.

Based on the state of health in this country, we believe that cellular hypothyroidism is reaching epidemic proportions. Cellular hypothyroidism plays a role in your insulin resistance, obesity, fatty liver, and hypercholesterolemia. Cellular hypothyroidism is a component of almost all chronic health conditions.

What makes this condition even more difficult is that there is no drug to fix it. The fact that there is no drug to “fix” it may be a big reason why there is little emphasis to identify it in allopathic medicine.

Instead, people struggle with chronic symptoms. Instead of addressing the cause of cellular hypothyroidism, the focus is shifted to suppressing the signs and symptoms of cellular hypothyroidism until pathology and disease develop.

So what can we do? How do we identify cellular hypothyroidism? How do we address cellular hypothyroidism? Is cellular hypothyroidism the root cause, or is cellular hypothyroidism the cells response to the real threat? Is thyroid autoimmunity a mistake caused by an immune system out of control, or an orchestrated attempt to globally slow cellular metabolism and increase immune response? Is thyroid gland disease the beginning or the end of a thyroid physiology disorder?

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