Feel like your thyroid medication isn’t working? Find out why.

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Clinicians: Want Better Outcomes for Your Thyroid Patients?

Introducing The *NEW* Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Training Course!

If you’re ready to move on from an outdated model of thyroid care and say goodbye to…

Constantly changing thyroid RX doses…


Having patients complain of thyroid symptoms, despite “in-range” labs…


Knowing you could be doing more for your patients, but you’re unsure where to start…


The Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Training Course is for you.

In this brand-new course, thyroid experts and clinicians Dr. Eric Balcavage and Dr. Kelly Halderman will teach you everything you need to know about thyroid physiology to get your patients genuine, lasting results. 

This isn’t what you learned in medical school. 


It’s a new way of looking at thyroid physiology that will completely change how you approach testing and treating thyroid disorders.


In fact, it might go AGAINST everything you’ve been taught.


But we assure you that everything covered in this course is based on the latest research studies, over 20 years of clinical practice, and positive results from hundreds of patients.

What You’ll Learn…

Here’s exactly what Dr. Balcavage and Dr. Halderman cover in the course:


PART 1: What’s Wrong with the Current Thyroid Model


  • Challenges with allopathic thyroid care
  • All about thyroid anatomy and physiology
  • The different thyroid pathologies
  • Proper thyroid evaluation and treatment


PART 2: A New Perspective of Thyroid Dysfunction


  • Looking beyond TSH values
  • Hypothyroidism as a spectrum disorder
  • The impact of Cellular Hypothyroidism (Cell Danger Response)
  • Interpreting thyroid lab tests


PART 3: The Strategic Thyroid Solution


  • How to identify and fix the underlying root causes of thyroid dysfunction
  • The 9 Fitness Factors that help you determine each patient’s stress load:
    • Dietary fitness
    • Sleep fitness
    • Respiratory fitness
    • Emotional fitness
    • Physical fitness
    • Habitual fitness
    • Environmental fitness
    • Metabolic fitness
    • Genetic fitness

We Need Your Help to End the Thyroid Debacle…

If you’re a healthcare professional, you’re well aware of the current Thyroid Debacle.

Too many people are suffering from thyroid-related symptoms, and the only tools most of us have are TSH, T4, and a script for Levo/Synthroid.

That’s not enough.

After going through the Thyroid Debacle Course, you can move away from the outdated model that simply slaps bandaids on symptoms – and start using a revolutionary new approach that helps patients truly heal.

You’ll not only feel educated and empowered, you’ll be able to ACTUALLY help your patients feel better.

Our mission with this course is to spark a paradigm shift in thyroid care and put an end to this Thyroid Debacle.

And that starts with educating and empowering clinicians like you. 

You just need better tools to heal your patients and change lives.

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