Feel like your thyroid medication isn’t working? Find out why.

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Clinicians: Are You Struggling to Help Your Hypothyroid Patients?

Do they continue to have signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, despite “normal” labs?

The problem isn’t you.

And it’s not your patients, either.

It’s the model of care you’ve been taught. (Yes, even you, Functional Medicine doctors!)

Let me explain

Modern medicine has completely misunderstood thyroid physiology. For decades, we’ve trained our physicians to believe that:

This model is way too simple. It’s also illogical – and even harmful.

Not only does it disregard our patients’ suffering, but it can actually make thyroid disorders worse, keep patients unwell, and set the stage for further disease to develop.


I don’t make these claims lightly. 

I’ve been in the trenches with patients for over two decades. 

I’ve witnessed their frustration with the medical system firsthand. I’ve seen their exasperation after waiting months to see a (well-meaning) endocrinologist, only to be told that nothing was wrong with their thyroid because one or two of their lab test results were “normal.”


Despite the best intentions of most clinicians, the antiquated model of thyroid care is causing us to fail our patients because we’re missing the big picture:

Thyroid signs and symptoms are not from a “broken” thyroid gland. They’re an adaptive response caused by stress!

I’ll explain more in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself…

I’m Dr. Eric Balcavage,

I’m a clinician with over 20 years of experience helping patients identify the underlying cause of their thyroid symptoms and heal from thyroid disorders.


There are probably a lot of physicians who can say that.

But my view of thyroid physiology is what sets me apart…

I believe the most critical aspect of thyroid physiology is not what occurs within the thyroid gland – but what is happening away from the gland, in our cells and tissues.

And that makes all the difference in how I help my thyroid patients.

Like many of you, my path started with a personal struggle with thyroid issues. In my 40’s, I developed Hashimoto’s and insulin resistance despite being otherwise fit and “healthy.”

In an effort to heal myself, I spent years digging into the scientific literature surrounding thyroid physiology. I trained under renowned experts like Dr. Datis Kharrazian and Dr. Ben Lynch. I read and interpreted thousands of medical records and lab values.

Eventually, I came upon a theory of thyroid physiology that was my big “aha” moment:


The Cell Danger Response (CDR).


CDR isn’t talked about in modern medicine. Even most functional medicine doctors don’t know what it is…

Yet it’s the most logical, science-based explanation of thyroid physiology I’ve come across.

CDR is a critical piece of thyroid physiology. It’s what modern medicine – and even functional medicine – has been missing when it comes to thyroid care (and frankly, it can be applied to just about every other disorder or disease as well).

Understanding CDR helped me completely reverse my insulin resistance and Hashimoto’s. I was then able to take my learnings and help hundreds of my patients do the same.

Yes, you read that right.

You CAN help your patients eliminate hypothyroid symptoms, reduce or eliminate thyroid medication, and even achieve regeneration of the thyroid gland using the theory of cellular stress.

I’ve seen it in my practice many times!


And until you understand this concept, you’ll never know why your patients still FEEL hypothyroid, even though their labs look normal. You’ll continue to play whack-a-mole with TSH and T4. Your patients will be stuck on a merry-go-round of chasing symptoms and changing doses, never truly feeling their best.


Now, you could go try and learn about the Cell Danger Response on your own (this paper by Dr. Robert K. Naviaux is a great place to start).

But in medicine, understanding isn’t enough. You also need to know how to apply your learnings.


And that’s where I can help.

Introducing: The Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Training Course.

My colleague and I, Dr. Kelly Halderman, have a mission:


To train clinicians in a revolutionary new model of thyroid care (based on the cell stress response) that gets patients genuine, lasting results.

The Thyroid Debacle Course is a comprehensive program that goes beyond standard practices, offering real-life applications, case studies, and a board certification opportunity. 


This isn’t what you learned in medical school. 


It’s a new way of looking at thyroid physiology that will completely change how you approach testing and treating thyroid disorders.


In fact, it might go AGAINST everything you’ve been taught.

But we assure you that everything covered in this course is based on the latest research, tested in over 20 years of clinical practice, and proven with positive results from hundreds of patients.

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is unique because it’s taught by a conventional Medical Doctor AND a functional medicine practitioner.

That means no matter what model of care you run (allopathic, conventional, functional, integrative, etc.) you’ll get a perspective that resonates with you.


Simply put, if you’re:

Or just wanting to understand thyroid physiology better so you can help your patients uncover the root cause of their thyroid dysfunction and prevent further health complications…


You’ll find the information and application you need in the Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Training Course.

What About Functional Medicine Practitioners?

But what if you’re a functional/integrative clinician already operating outside the conventional model? Can you benefit from this course?



Even the most educated functional medicine doctors are still making critical mistakes with their thyroid care, like…

Some of those might surprise you.


But once you learn the basics of thyroid physiology and the impacts of the Cell Danger Response, it’ll all make sense…

What You’ll Learn In The Thyroid Debacle Course:

Every clinician who completes the course will have an understanding of how to:

In other words, you’ll know how to identify and evaluate all thyroid pathologies AND you’ll have the tools you need to help patients uncover their unique stressors, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and, in some cases, lower or eliminate their need for thyroid hormone replacement.

How Is It Different Than Other Courses?

Look, I know there are dozens of “thyroid courses” out there (I’ve taken many of them).


However, the Thyroid Debacle course is unique in many ways.

Combined Allopathic & Functional Medicine Perspective

My colleague in this course, Dr. Kelly Halderman, has a medical doctorate (MD) and traditional Naturopathic Medical degree. She teaches Part 1 of the course from an allopathic perspective, giving you a complete rundown of how MDs learn to diagnose and treat thyroid disorders. 


In Part 2 and 3, you’ll learn the “Strategic Thyroid” approach from me (Dr. Balcavage, DC, CFMP, BCIM) using a more functional/integrative medicine lens.


Why do we cover both models?


We believe that revolutionizing thyroid care can only come from understanding the current model. If you fully understand how most clinicians are taught to treat and diagnose thyroid conditions, you’ll be able to see the flaws and know what needs to change to give patients better care!

A Model Based On Cell Danger Response & Stress Theory

You’ll also get information and knowledge from our course that you won’t find anywhere else.


There aren’t any other experts out there talking about the Cell Danger Response and its relationship to the thyroid. Just having this information under your belt will make your practice unique!


The theory of cellular stress answers many of the questions you’ve been having:

The information taught in the Thyroid Debacle Course addresses all of these questions, and more.

Real-Life Application & Case Studies

Again, information only gets you so far. 


That’s why we included case studies from three real patients in the course.


You’ll get a detailed breakdown of their signs and symptoms, all labs from a 3-month period, supplements, thyroid medication and doses, and their results after using the Strategic Thyroid approach.


This part of the course alone is worth its weight in gold. Every patient is unique, but seeing exactly how we evaluate and treat our hypothyroid patients will help you understand and identify patterns in your own patients.

Board Certification with AANWP

The Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Course is accredited by the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP).


That means that upon completion of this program, you’ll be eligible to board certify with the AANWP and receive a certification as a “Strategic Thyroid Specialist” to present on your website or physical practice.

What’s Included:

The course includes 20 video modules (approx. 8 hours) that you can complete at your own pace. You’ll receive a detailed PDF for each module that you can refer to at any time.


Here’s exactly what Dr. Halderman and I cover:

PART 1: What’s Wrong with the Current Thyroid Model

Part one is focused on the current allopathic model. It is designed to help people understand the medical approach and explain some of the challenges.

PART 2: A New Perspective of Thyroid Dysfunction

Part two proposes a new hypothesis of what hypothyroidism is and what drives it (CDR).

PART 3: The Strategic Thyroid Solution

Part three is an introduction to the key factors that either result in higher or lower states of health. We explain each of the fitness factors, how they can contribute to poor health, how you can assess your patients, and recommendations for improving each factor – often resulting in reduced thyroid symptoms and better overall health.

It’s Time for a New Model of Thyroid Care that’s Strategic, Logical, and Effective.

The revolutionary model taught in The Thyroid Debacle will help you help your patients better. You’ll be able to:

Identify the cause of hypothyroidism earlier, reducing the destruction of the thyroid gland and helping your patients avoid long-term complications…


Move away from simply managing symptoms by using hormone replacement (or supplementation) as a “bandaid”…


Select the lowest appropriate dose of thyroid hormone replacement to prevent over-treatment that can lead to greater immune-driven damage…


Eliminate the frustration and disconnect between patient and physician…

And ultimately become the transformative physician and care provider your patients truly need.

We Need Your Help to End the Thyroid Debacle…

You see it every day. 

Too many people are suffering from thyroid dysfunction, and the only tools most clinicians have are two lab values and one medication.

That’s not enough.


Even functional medicine docs aren’t given the full picture of thyroid physiology. So we fall into the same trap of over-medicating and over-supplementing our patients (albeit by different strategies).

After going through the Thyroid Debacle Course, you can move away from an illogical model that simply slaps bandaids on symptoms, and start using a revolutionary new approach that works.


Overall, this is a message of hope. Your thyroid patients aren’t broken. 

Once you understand that hypothyroidism is an adaptive response, you’ll know that their bodies are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. You just need better tools and strategies to help them uncover why.

This course will give you those tools.

You’ll not only feel educated and empowered, but you’ll be able to ACTUALLY help your patients feel better, reduce their need for medication, and prevent long-term health complications.

Our mission is to spark a paradigm shift in thyroid care and put an end to the Thyroid Debacle.


And that starts with clinicians like you.


Sign Up For The Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Training Course here.

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