Diabetes…A Metabolic Puzzle

Let us Find the Underlying Cause of your Disease

Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Pre-Diabetes, and Diabetes are ALL Reversible!

Diabetes is a devastating inflammatory and often times an autoimmune condition. Current medical treatment involves medications to manage blood sugar and insulin levels, without addressing the root cause of what may be causing the condition.

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes are not caused by too much sugar or too much insulin, but rather inflammation. Chronic low grade inflammation is the key contributing factor that drives insulin resistance, obesity, pre-diabetes and diabetes in the majority of the population.

At Rejuvagen we have spent 20+ years helping people improve from diabetic disorders. To improve your diabetic condition, you will need a different approach than medications alone.

Rejuvagen Takes a Strategic Approach to Diabetes

  • We utilize a thorough health evaluation and functional lab testing to determine the underlying causes of your inflammatory challenge, whether physical, chemical, emotional, or microbial.
  • Specialized in-office therapies are used to improve blood flow,  improve nerve function, increase circulation and help modulate pain for diabetic patients with neuropathy. Additional therapies are used in the patient’s home to continue progress between office visits.
  • As the inflammatory cascade naturally calms and nerve function returns, we continue to support the patient with recommended diet and lifestyle modifications and nutraceutical support to restore cellular function, address micronutrient deficiencies and improve overall health and quality of life.

If you have insulin resistance, obesity, pre-diabetes, or diabetes and are looking for help with your condition, call our office today!

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