A New Approach to Lyme Disease

We have helped numerous patients who have come to our practice with a diagnosis of chronic Lyme. Most of these people have already been through multiple rounds of antibiotics without success. Our approach is different. We look at chronic Lyme Disease and its common co-infections as opportunistic infections. These organisms take advantage of a person who is already compromised.

The key to successful treatment often lies in addressing the patient’s pre-existing compromised physiology. The person likely had some chronic health issue or issues that left them immune-compromised and susceptible to infection. A healthy body will typically fight off Lyme Disease or respond quickly to antibiotics. A person with pre-existing health challenges can’t appropriately fight off infection.

At Rejuvagen, we evaluate why the person was susceptible and address that root cause or causes by supporting and improving the immune system. Many people can recover from Lyme Disease and co-infections naturally.

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