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Could Hypothyroidism be Protective? – Rejuvagen Center

We also need to consider that maybe hypothyroidism isn’t a mistake of your physiology but a protective mechanism. This concept will be a paradigm shift for many people.

Your hypothyroid condition is unique to you. The factors that triggered your hypothyroid condition are not the same as anyone else they are unique to you and this means to truly improve your thyroid condition, the solution is unique to you as well.

Maybe the changes you are seeing in your physiology are not a mistake.

Maybe your hypothyroidism isn’t caused by an immune system out of control.

Maybe hypothyroidism is an intelligent adaptive response to maintain some levels of homeostasis in a world of constant and chronic cellular strain.

Maybe the cause of hypothyroid symptoms and hypothyroidism is unique to the individual as we all have a different combination of factors causing our cellular strain.

Maybe this is why the same treatment doesn’t work for everyone.

Maybe this is why flooding the body with thyroid hormone replacement medication often restores TSH levels, but often does not eliminate symptoms or restore thyroid physiology.

Maybe this is why there is no magic thyroid supplement that fixes thyroid problems.

Maybe we need to stop looking at thyroid physiology and the physiology of the body in general as a system that easily makes mistakes and instead look at it for what it is, a well orchestrated intelligent system that we don’t fully understand.

Maybe we need to put more time into reducing the chronic stress and strain we put on our cells and tissues.

Maybe the solution to your thyroid condition does not lie in “fixing” your thyroid gland, or replacing the thyroid hormone your gland is no longer making.

Maybe instead the solution lies in asking what is causing your cellular stress and reducing or removing it as much as possible.

Maybe hypothyroidism is a protective mechanism.

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