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Dr Autoimmune Girl and Thyroid Medications – Rejuvagen Center

In this episode the Thyroid Answers team interview pharmacist Dr. Donna Mazzola. In this interview the doctors discuss the various medications used to treat hypothyroidism and the pros and cons of each.

Topics covered include:

  • What are the different thyroid medications on the market and how do they differ?
  • Why might people not experience symptoms relief from synthroid?
  • What is tyrosint? Pros/Cons
  • What is Cytomel? Pros/Cons
  • Glandular products – what are they and why might they be appropriate or not?
  • Interactions and absorption issues… how you can combat them
  • More …..

Donna Mazzola is a Pharmacist who has always had a passion for natural health and preventative care. After obtaining a Doctorate in Pharmacy, this passion became an obsession as her learnings conflicted with her core beliefs. Conventional medicine did not have all the answers and she recognized the importance of balance with nutrition and medicine through her own struggles with Hashimotos. To complement her pharmacy background, Dr. Mazzola is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in the field of Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition. She currently runs a blog “DrAutoimmunegirl” to share reputable scientific information related to autoimmune disorders. Dr. Mazzola’s mission is to help others identify the root cause of disease and create the balance between nutrition and medicine.

Social info:Facebook: DrautoimmunegirlInstagram : Drautoimmungirl

Website: drautoimmunegirl.com

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