Feel like your thyroid medication isn’t working? Find out why.

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Why Don't I Feel Better on Thyroid Medication?

Learn the three hidden reasons thyroid replacement isn’t helping you (or maybe even making you feel worse).

I hear this almost every day from my patients:


“Doc, I’m on thyroid medication, but I still feel hypothyroid.”


Or, “My doctor keeps increasing my thyroid dosage, but I feel like it’s making me worse.”


And a lot of, “I felt better initially on medication, but it isn’t working anymore. All of my symptoms are coming back!”


Can you relate?


Maybe you’ve also been on the Thyroid Medication Rollercoaster: Constantly having to adjust your dosage, switching between NDT, T4, or T3-only medication, chasing elevated TSH lab values…


But you still don’t feel any better. Or perhaps you feel even worse.


You’re not alone. I see this all the time.


And after decades of working with thousands of patients with hypothyroidism…


I’ve discovered 3 reasons thyroid medication stops helping (or starts hurting) – and I’ve broken them all down in my free eBook.

In the eBook, you’ll learn:


  • The hidden cause of most cases of hypothyroidism (it’s not actually your thyroid).
  • What most doctors don’t understand about thyroid physiology.
  • Why increasing your RX dose is rarely the answer.
  • Why you can feel better initially on thyroid replacement, but eventually it stops working.
  • The type of thyroid medication you should and should NOT be on (controversial take).
  • And what you can do today if you feel like your thyroid medication isn’t helping you anymore.


PS: Chances are, you’ve never heard what’s in this eBook before because it’s the exact opposite of what most “thyroid experts” say.

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