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Hypothyroidism and Cold Intolerance – Rejuvagen Center

One of the hallmark symptoms associated with Hypothyroidism is cold intolerance. Check out Thyroid Answers Podcast Episode 61: Hypothyroidism and Cold Intolerance!

In this episode of Thyroid Answers Podcast, the doctors discuss the relationship between thyroid hormone regulation and cold intolerance.

Topics covered include:

  • Does thyroid hormone or lack of thyroid hormone play a role in cold intolerance?
  • How heat is generated in the body?
  • Obligatory thermogenesis vs Facultative thermogenesis
  • What is the role of thyroid hormone in heat generation in the body?
  • Why you are still cold despite normal TSH
  • Cellular hypothyroidism vs glandular hypothyroidism
  • Why thyroid hormone treatment may not help your cold intolerance
  • More …

For more information check out a previous blog post on cold intolerance.

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