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Hypothyroidism and High Blood Pressure (Part 2) – Rejuvagen Center

There is a direct link between hypothyroidism and high blood pressure. On my last post I discussed how ARBs can cause hypothyroidism or hide a hypothyroid condition. In this post I will cover how Calcium Channel Blockers can cause Drug Induced Hypothyroidism.

Calcium channel blockers block the flow of calcium into cells. Reduced calcium in the cells of the thyroid gland inhibits the production of thyroid hormone.

Calcium is needed for the production of Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a key element in thyroid hormone biosynthesis. It is the substrate used by thyroid peroxidase for oxidation and incorporation of iodine into thyroglobulin, a process known as organification.

Without sufficient calcium within the thyroid gland, thyroid hormone production is reduced resulting in Drug Induced Hypothyroidism.

If you are taking a Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB) and an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) at the same time it could be double trouble. The CCB inhibits thyroid hormone production which should cause TSH to rise. But as I discussed in part 1, ARBs suppress TSH production, lower TSH levels keeping them within normal lab range.

Since most doctors run a “TSH with reflex to fT4” test, if TSH is within lab range, fT4 will not be run and your hypothyroid condition will be hidden.

This is why it is so important to run more then a TSH or TSH with reflex to T4 panel to evaluate thyroid physiology. This is especially important if you are taking one or more blood pressure medications.

If you are taking a blood pressure medication and have symptoms of hypothyroidism like; fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, dry skin, weight gain, puffy face, hoarseness, muscle weakness, elevated blood cholesterol level, muscle aches, stiffness or swelling in your joints, abnormal menstrual periods, thinning hair, slowed heart rate, depression, or impaired memory, seek out a functional medicine practitioner like myself who understands thyroid physiology and can help you uncover these types of Drug Induced Hypothyroidism.

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