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Multi-System Adaptive Disorder – Rejuvagen Center

Many patients with thyroid dysfunction have often been diagnosed with multiple other problems or disorders. In the allopathic medical model, each system of the body is evaluated as an individual entity. The correlation between the systems of the body are largely ignored, yet, many of the conditions thyroid patients experience are part of the body’s adaptive response to some form of cellular stress. Your body reduces energy to less critical systems of the body, under stress so that energy can be used for cell defense. This is the body’s way of adapting to stress.

For instance, if you are running from a tiger, you would want thyroid hormone to increase your muscle metabolism so you could escape from the tiger. Likewise, you would want thyroid hormone to be down regulated in your GI tract, because at that very moment, digesting food is of little importance.

When cellular stress is short term, a patient usually has minimal symptoms. However, as more cells come under stress due to physical, emotional, chemical and microbial triggers, signals are sent throughout the body activating a Cell Danger Response. In turn, your cells, tissues and organs start to deactivate thyroid hormone. When multiple organs or systems of the body become compromised, we call this Multi-System Adaptive Disorder.

Thyroid hormone influences metabolism of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. When multiple organs and systems have reduced metabolism or function, or a patient presents with Multi-System Adaptive Disorder, common problems may result like blood glucose dysregulation, insulin resistance, adrenal dysregulation, hormone dysregulation, and elevated cholesterol or (hyperlipidemia). Almost every system in the body can become compromised without sufficient thyroid hormone reaching the cells.

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