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Nutrition and Women's Health with Dr Katie Takacs – Rejuvagen Center

Nutrition is critical in women’s health (and men’s health). In this episode of Thyroid Answers Podcast the doctors discuss the impact of nutrition on women’s health with Dr Katie Takacs. Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The pro’s and con’s of vegetarian / vegan diet
  • What effects does estrogen have on the thyroid and hormone production? Testing?
  • What effects do birth control and HRT have on the thyroid?
  • What lifestyle and dietary changes can help to reduce estrogen levels?
  • Is the ketogenic diet “good” for the thyroid?
  • How does stress affect the thyroid?

Dr Katie Takas

Dr. Takacs focuses in women’s health at Gateway Natural Medicine in Berthoud, CO. She became interested in women’s health after seeing many friends and family members suffer from various conditions. Learning that symptoms like cramping during menstruation and hot flashes during menopause are abnormal, is what gave Dr. Takacs her desire to treat women. She hopes to educate women on female conditions, explaining why they occur, as well as tips for prevention.

Follow her on Instagram for all things women’s health –> @allnaturaldoc

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