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Your journey back to health begins at Rejuvagen with Strategic Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is the solution to reduce your symptoms, improve your health and quality of life. Our mission at Rejuvagen is to help our patients move forward and optimize their health using strategic functional medicine and healing protocols for thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders and other chronic health challenges as a result of cellular stress.


We treat the person not the symptoms. Our patients receive a personalized treatment plan based on their unique physiology that is designed to address the specific triggers and lifestyle factors that may be influencing their symptoms and chronic health challenges. Our focus is on you, not your diagnosis.


Too many people continue to struggle with chronic hypothyroid symptoms despite allopathic medicine, (or the traditional medical model), providing its best treatment. Allopathic medicine shines in helping people overcome life threatening diseases or infections. Acute care medications and surgeries also have their place. However, after 20 years of helping people recover from thyroid dysfunction and other metabolic problems, we believe addressing chronic health challenges with medications or surgery alone will not solve your health issues. In many cases, long term medication usage without identifying the root cause issue can lead to a further decline in health.


At Rejuvagen, we believe everything that occurs in the body, happens for a reason. The reason you have chronic health challenges is because your have some level of cellular stress occurring in the body. Rejuvagen is here to help you become the healthy person you deserve to be. Through a patient focused approach, we utilize some of the best functional testing to identify the root cause/s that are driving your cellular dysfunction and chronic health condition. Through expert analysis and interpretation of lab work, health history, dietary guidance, lifestyle modification and supplemental protocols, we are able to support the body’s ability to repair and regenerate.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Devon Lewis
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My initial reason for consulting Dr. Balcavage was for hair loss. I was also having stomach/digestive problems and I was getting sick on a regular basis needing antibiotics regularly. The care that I received at Dr. Balcavage’s office improved my primary complaints as well as my overall health. As long as I take the current supplements recommend by Dr. Balcavage, my hair is no longer falling out. Following Dr. Balcavage’s diet and health recommendations has eliminated my stomach and digestive issues and I have not gotten sick or needed antibiotics. I would recommend Dr. Balcavage’s office to others. He has improved my quality of life exponentially! In my experience, if you put the work in following Dr. Balcavage’s instructions you will feel better!
Jennifer Coates
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The main challenges I was consulting Dr. Balcavage for were thyroid issues, vertigo, tailbone pain and headaches. The care I received helped me to get my life back! My headaches and vertigo are gone. I follow a better diet which is helping with my thyroid issues. My sleep is better and I have more energy. I have recommended Dr. Balcavage to several people, one I know of has signed on as a patient. I even tell strangers in doctors’ offices about Dr. Balcavage. I recommend your office because of the results I got!
Olga Krasavina
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After seeing few different doctors in a one year of what seemed like eternity, going through different detoxes, flushes, pills, being somewhat may be diagnosed, yet getting worse.. I finally found Dr. Balcavage. During our introductory meeting I was supposed to write down 5 things that I wanted him to help me with... those were 5 symptoms that lowered my quality of life, 5 symptoms that other doctors disregarded or told me I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. 4 months later, he did it! He fixed me! Finally, for the first time in very many years, I have no complaints!
Roy Penman
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There was a time that I thought I was in good health. After fighting with constant knee pain I was introduced to Dr Balcavage originally to ease joint discomfort. Once under his care the outcome changed my life. I didn't realize that for many years what I was eating was doing me more harm than good. Inflammation is only the tip of the iceberg with a host of other problems that are related to what we eat. I was in a secret agony. Under Dr Balcavage's care I was taught what to eat and what foods to avoid for better health. Together with supplements, that are based on real food not chemicals, combined with exercise and a healthy eating habits is the perfect combination to live by. I don't know where I'd be without the guidance of Dr Balcavage.
Tina McDevitt
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I have been a patient of Dr. Balcavage’s for a number of years, and I have always received exceptional and comprehensive care. He has changed my life by changing my health. He diagnosed me with celiac intolerance, which had greatly impacted my health, metabolism and digestion. By following his treatment protocol, I not only feel 100% better, but I also lost weight, which I have maintained for over a year. I highly recommend Dr. Balcavage, as he provides a holistic approach to ensure long- term good health.
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