Michele’s Story

"I had both of my knees injected and it was the best experience ever!"

Michele came to us looking for relief for her bilateral knee pain. After receiving Regenerative Therapy, Michele is back to doing everyday activites, like climbing steps, without pain.

Joyce’s Story

"I have no pain in my knees and I am starting to walk better again"

Joyce came to Rejuvagen with severe degeneration & pain in her knees. She did not want to go through knee replacement surgery and was looking for an option to reduce her pain. 12 weeks after receiving Regenerative injections in both her knees, Joyce has less pain and more mobility.

Leona’s Story

"I am walking pain free at work everyday and feeling great!"

Leona came to us with chronic knee pain. After receiving Regenerative injections in both of her knees, she saw a difference in only 12 weeks! Now, she is walking pain free everyday at work.

Brad’s Story

"The symptoms of my diabetic neuropathy have diminished!"

Brad came to our office seeking help from the sensory loss he was experiencing in his feet and legs from diabetic neuropathy. After a 12 week Peripheral Neuropathy program, Brad has re-gained 80% of the sensory nerve loss he was experiencing and most of the symptoms he was experiencing have diminished.

Tanya’s Story

"Prior to getting injection therapy my knees were really bad! After 12 weeks, therapy has improved my life so much!"

Tanya came to Rejuvagen for help with chronic knee pain that was affecting her daily activities and quality of life. After receiving injections 12 weeks ago, Tanya is able to walk with her dog, hike and move about with less pain and discomfort!

Carol’s Story

"My neuropathy has really improved since receiving stem cells 12 weeks ago! I would recommend this to anybody!"

Carol came to Rejuvagen looking for help with arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. After receiving Regenerative therapy and following additional diet and supplement protocols she was able to reduce her arthritic pain, improve her neuropathy by 50% in 12 weeks and alleviate her chronic digestive issues.