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The Impact of Dietary Change – Rejuvagen Center

In this episode the doctors interview vascular surgeon Dr Jeff Martinez. Doctor Martinez discusses his story of finding improved health not through allopathic medicine but through the introduction to functional medicine, a world he literally did not know existed until meeting Dr Balcavage.

In this episode the doctors discuss:

  • His journey into dysfunction and disease
  • His introduction to functional medicine and what he calls a parallel universe he didn’t realize existed
  • The dietary changes that resulted in his dramatic improvement of his weight and health
  • How allopathic doctors and are trained and why there is a disconnect between allopathic and functional medicine
  • How allopathic medicine had good intentions but didn’t provide improved health
  • The impact of diet and lifestyle modifications can have on health and quality of life
  • The place both allopathic and functional medicine have in health care

Dr Jeff Martinez is a vascular surgeon in San Antonio. He grew up just outside of Dallas. He attended Texas A&M University and then went to medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He completed his general surgery residency at the same institution and completed a two year fellowship in peripheral vascular surgery. He completed a 3 month mini endovascular fellowship.

He practiced in the US Navy for 8 years and moved to San Antonio to start private practice in 2001. His medical group is one of the largest single specialty private practice vascular surgery groups in the country. He was President for 3 years. He participated in multiple clinical trials for vascular disease. He has a wife and two sons. He likes to hunt and fish for hobbies. He is a board member for the Dallas Safari Club South Texas Chapter in San Antonio.

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