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The Thyroid Debacle Book – Rejuvagen Center

In Dr. Eric Balcavage’s eye-opening new book co-written with Dr Kelly Halderman, The Thyroid Debacle, readers will discover why hypothyroidism is not just a random dysfunction of the thyroid gland as outlined for decades by the medical model, but often the result of underlying cellular stressors rarely addressed. Stress as the result of chemical, physical, emotional and microbial stressors from major life events, the environment, poor nutrition, infections, demanding physical activity and many more, can all trigger chronic cellular stress impacting thyroid health. The result of this cellular stress? A condition called Cellular Hypothyroidism; a concept rarely discussed… until now!

The Thyroid Debacle shows why an outdated model of thyroid physiology as practiced by the allopathic medical model, is leaving thousands of patients frustrated and suffering with chronic thyroid symptoms like; fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, thinning hair and constipation.

At its core, The Thyroid Debacle provides a clear understanding of why recovering from chronic hypothyroid symptoms is not solved with multiple medications or supplements, but by getting to the root of the problem with a strategic functional medicine approach. Its empowering perspective will provide hypothyroid patients a renewed sense of hope for unraveling their ‘thyroid debacle’ and steer them on a path of healing and recovery.

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