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Thyroid Answers #36: To “D” or not to “D” that is the Question! – Rejuvagen Center

In Episode #36 of Thyroid Answers Podcast, Dr. Eric Balcavage and Dr. Erica Riggleman discuss vitamin D supplementation.

Topics discussed include: How to determine if you are vitamin D deficient Why you must test more than 25OHD The impact of elevated 1,25OHD Why People who have chronically low Vitamin D are often not vitamin D deficient Why high dose vitamin supplementation may make your health worse and lots more

There is quite a bit of information in this podcast. It is important to understand that most doctors are not running appropriate testing, interpreting vitamin d testing correctly or providing appropriate therapy when it comes to vitamin D. Even those in functional medicine suggesting that high dose vitamin d will lower antibodies are not correctly understanding vitamin d physiology.

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