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Thyroid Answers #41: Interview with the Founders of Thyroid Refresh – Rejuvagen Center

In Episode #41 of Thyroid Answers Podcast, Drs. Eric Balcavage and Erica Riggleman discuss hypothyroidism with the founders of Thyroid Refresh. Thyroid Refresh is one of the best resources of patient information regarding thyroid physiology. The founders of Thyroid Refresh are both people who have their own hypothyroid and hashimoto’s struggles.

In an effort to help themselves, they wound up building a platform to help themselves and others. This platform can be an amazing resource for those struggling with chronic hypothyroid symptoms with or without thyroid medications.

Topics in the discussion:

  • Their history and struggle
  • Thyroid Refresh – what it is, what it provides and how to get involved
  • Thyroid 30 – Thyroid Refreshes unique 30 day program for improving your health, habits and function
  • Key principles of the Thyroid 30 program
  • Biggest challenges their followers experience in the medical model
  • How to transition your diet to reduce hypothyroid symptoms

If you are struggling with chronic hypothyroid symptoms and are looking for a resource for diet and meal planning help, if you are looking for a community of like minded people, please checkout Thyroid Refresh and the Thyroid 30 program.

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