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Thyroid Answers #44: Discussion with Dr Kirsty Washam, “The Fed-up Pharmacist” – Rejuvagen Center

Drs. Eric Balcavage and Erica Riggleman discuss hypothyroidism with Dr Kirsty Washam, “the fed-up pharmacist”.

Dr Kirsty explains how she went from traditional pharmacist to the ‘fed-up pharmacist”. She discusses her personal struggles with chronic hypothyroid symptoms, cellular hypothyroidism, and hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

The doctors discuss:

  • The disconnect in allopathic medicine
  • The challenges patients struggle with in allopathic medicine
  • The wack-a-mole medicine model
  • Medications that can hide or cause hypothyroidism
  • Nutrient depletion disorders caused by prescriptions
  • and more …..

Dr. Kirsty Washam is a pharmacist who is passionate about helping people find their illness’s root cause and heal through lifestyle modifications.

Through her own struggles with an autoimmune thyroid condition known as Hashimoto’s, she discovered the power of nutrition, movement and stress reduction. The dramatic improvement she experienced has her convinced that food holds a sacred place in the healing process and she gladly  shares this information with others as a Whole30 Certified Coach.

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