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Thyroid Answers #45: What's Driving Hashimoto's with Dr Lacey Chittle – Rejuvagen Center

Drs. Eric Balcavage and Erica Riggleman discuss what is driving Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism with Dr. Lacey Chittle. .

Dr Chittle explains her transition from physical therapist to functional medicine and her personal struggles with chronic hypothyroid symptoms, cellular hypothyroidism, and hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • The true root cause of your thyroid disease, understanding the 3 triggers for autoimmunity
  • Triggers of hypothyroidism and autoimmunity including: genetic predisposition, leaky gut, stressful life event, hormonal shift, bacterial/viral/fungal, environmental toxins and foods.
  • Food sensitivities how to address and heal as many as is possible.
  • Answer the questions regarding 100% adherence to elimination diets
  • Antigen clearance, how long does it take ? 6wks to 6months?
  • Do I have to be gluten, dairy, soy, corn free forever?
  • The AIP diet, is it the best diet and is it forever or for a period of time?
  • Environmental toxins in water, air, self care products and what action steps can be taken to clean these things up.
  • Metabolic dysregulation commonly seen in thyroid disease.

Dr. Lacey Chittle is a Functional Medicine practitioner who specializes in “tough/mystery” cases, when the other specialists have thrown up their hands and don’t know what the cause of the symptoms are, they come to her.

The most common patient symptoms she sees includes fatigue, pain, digestive issues and autoimmune diseases, however some seek her guidance after they haven’t been feeling like themselves for the last few years and want to return to optimum functioning. She consults with individuals worldwide guided them to reclaim their health utilizing a root cause approach.

Before becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Lacey Chittle was a physical therapist specializing pediatric pain and genetic syndromes, and prior that she was a personal fitness trainer.

She is a lifelong athlete and all around type A lady who was incapacitated by mysterious illness. At the height of her illness she lost partial vision,  had impairments in kidney function, and inflammation of the heart, as well as symptoms of chronic pain, debilitating fatigue, dysautonomia, and digestive disorders before healing herself through Functional Medicine.

Dr. Lacey Chittle feels she was divinely lead to this work. It is both her passion and honor to help others reclaim vibrant health so they may live their best lives.

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