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Thyroid Answers #50: Hormones and Hypothyroidism with Dr Meaghan Kirschling – Rejuvagen Center

In Episode #50 of Thyroid Answers Podcast, Dr. Eric Balcavage and Dr. Erica Riggleman discuss Hormones and Hypothyroidism with Dr Meaghan Kirschling. This interview is loaded with amazing information on the connection between Hypothyroidism and hormones like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol.

Topics include:

  • Hormone deficiency vs adaptation
  • Nervous system-Immune system-Endocrine system axis
  • What causes hormone imbalances
  • Insulin and hormone disruption
  • How to test hormones
  • Why hormone therapy can make you feel worse
  • Discussion on the Women’s Health Initiative
  • More …

Dr. Meaghan Kirschling has a passion for education and integrative health!  She has both an allopathic and alternative medical background, receiving a Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University, a B.S. in Nursing and Exercise Science from Valparaiso University, a Masters in Nutrition from the University of Connecticut Bridgeport, and two Masters of Nursing: one in Women’s Health from the University of Cincinnati and the other in family practice from George Washington University.

Her background in healthcare includes;

  • Organ Transplant Nurse
  • Worked as a civilian with the Army overseas as a chiropractor
  •  Faculty member at the University of Maryland where she teaches health science classes
  • Working in various functional medicine hospitals.  Currently owns a holistic practice in the Twin Cities of Minnesota
  • Runs a blog and podcast at BeyondTheBasicsHealthAcademy.com
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