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Thyroid Answers Podcast #51: Optimize Your Cycles and Fertility – Rejuvagen Center

Dr. Eric Balcavage and Dr. Erica Riggleman discuss hormone cycles and fertility with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. This interview is loaded with amazing information on how to improve your hormone cycles and optimize your fertility.

Topics include:

  • What is a vital sign? And why would should we consider the menstrual cycle a vital sign?
  • What does a normal, healthy menstrual cycle look like?
  • What are the most common health conditions that disrupt the menstrual cycle?
  • Why is regular ovulation important for optimal health (even when you’re not actively trying to conceive)?
  • What hormonal contraceptives do to the body. What makes them so effective in preventing pregnancy?
  • What are the most common side effects associated with hormonal contraceptives?
  • and more ….

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles for natural birth control, conception, and monitoring overall health. In her new book The Fifth Vital Sign, Lisa debunks the myth that regular ovulation is only important when you want children by recognizing the menstrual cycle as a vital sign. Drawing heavily from the current scientific literature, Lisa presents an evidence-based approach to fertility awareness and menstrual cycle optimization. She hosts the Fertility Friday Podcast, a weekly radio show devoted to helping women connect to their fifth vital sign by uncovering the connection between menstrual cycle health, fertility, and overall health.

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