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What Do You Do When T4 Medication Isn't Helping? – Rejuvagen Center

If you are in a country where the only option is T4 therapy or you are working with an Endocrinologist who will only prescribe T4 replacement therapy what can you do?

If the issue is that your endocrinologist is unwilling to recommend any other form of thyroid hormone replacement it may be time for a new doctor who is willing to listen to your concerns, understands that there is a growing percentage of people who struggle on T4 only therapy, and is open to finding the right thyroid hormone replacement therapy for you. We call this “you” specific medical care, bio-individualized medicine.

But for many people, changing the form of replacement may provide short term improvement, but still doesn’t eliminate all of their hypothyroid symptoms and restore optimal health.


Because for many people there is an underlying chronic cell stress or cell danger response causing your cells, tissues, and body to down-regulate thyroid physiology and cell metabolism on purpose.

What you are experiencing is not some mistake of your cells and tissues inappropriately deactivating thyroid hormone. You aren’t experiencing some mistake by your immune system that has resulted in destruction of your thyroid gland. Your immune system isn’t out of control.

Instead what you are experiencing is a calculated coordinated response to chronic cellular threats. In a cell danger scenario, slowing down metabolism and shifting energy to cell self-defense becomes the priority, not growth and development.

When thyroid hormone therapy doesn’t seem to be working regardless of the form, the issue isn’t the type of hormone. The problem is a persistent cell stress / cell danger response.

Identify and address the persistent cell danger response and any form of thyroid hormone therapy is likely to work.

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